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Because The Schools Won't Make One

GSA of Orange County, NY
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the LJ Orange County (New York) Gay-Straight Alliance!

Your moderators are patjb88 and yourdeadhero

Here, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, and straight youth can talk about a variety of subjects that affect their lives every day. This community was created as a safe haven for GLBT youth, and allows for teens to share their thoughts, issues, problems, and lives with people who are willing to listen.


1. This community allows posting by members only. You must first join the community before you can make a post.

2. Members who join this community in an effort to harass the group, or a specific member will not be tolerated. They will be immediately ejected and banned from the community.

3. Comments or posts that are derogatory to another member (i.e.: OMG, user example is such a bitch!) are not allowed. The comments or posts in question will immediately be deleted, and the member who posted it will be given a warning. If the same member repeats the action, he/she will be banned from the community.

4. I will not tolerate any LJ wars. Debates are allowed, but should they escalate to the point where a post becomes a battleground, the post(s) will be deleted, and the main participants will be warned.

5. This community is intended for youth only. This means that users over 20 years old will not be allowed into the community. However, any member who joined the community prior to turning 20 may stay for one more year before being asked to leave.

6. Members may post pictures of themselves or others, but absolutely NO posting of nude pictures is allowed. If any member posts a picture of this nature, the post will be deleted, the member who posted it will be banned, and the he/she will be reported to LiveJournal, and may possibly face criminal charges as a result.

7. Most importantly, be yourself. Feel free to express any thoughts or emotions you may have, as long as what you’re saying abides by the rules. Remember that this community was designed to let kids talk, and we’re all open-minded here.